Tuesday, July 3, 2012

New Adventure

I'm not quite sure how to start this post! So...facts first, fluff later.....

It is with excitement and sadness that I announce we will be moving to Louisville, Kentucky. 

~ Take a breath ~ exhale ~

My husband's career took us from Illinois to Washington D.C in 2010 and this year to Louisville. 

Yes...it is an actual city with skyscrapers too! Picture credit

We arrived in Louisville yesterday for our house hunting trip, 11 houses were on the docket yesterday and 14 are scheduled for viewing today. It is our goal to buy a house this week (assuming  we both agree on 1 house that meets our liking....(after yesterday, I'm a bit concerned it will happen). Flying here and house hunting definitely makes this move REAL. You ever have those moments when you know something is going to happen and you are completely OK with it?...but then it actually has to happen, plans, preparation, BIG adult decisions....that's when things become REAL (the last time I had that feeling was planning four our wedding). 

And when things become REAL, it's when things set in. Although I am super excited about our new adventure in Louisville (for those of you who don't know me personally - I love to travel, experience new cultures and life in new places - try new things, etc), but I also have a sadness about departing Washington D.C. I do feel I just found my stride here, found my place in the city, in the yoga community, at work .... I figured out how to commute around the city car-less and yet effectively (walking, bikeshare, car2go, zipcar and of course periodic spoiling of taxi's), getting groceries and shopping yummy farmers markets, favorite places in the city to walk and be .....well this list could go on...but you get the idea. I'm sure I will find my stride in Louisville, but I will miss DC!

Before this gets too mushy...I'll end with a few more facts (or rather pieces of useful information):
  • Not sure of my final departure date, likely late August or early September
  • I will continue to teach at Tranquil Space until late August or early September 
  • I will try to squeeze in a few more yoga classes at Senate Square
  • Of course I will continue to blog about yoga on and off the mat in Louisville, so I'd love for you to stay in touch with me via facebook and twitter  and sign up to receive blog posts in your inbox here.
  • It is a big possibility that we will be back in DC in 3-5 years.....but you never know where life takes you. 
  • More blog posts to come......

And...just in case you don't know exactly where Louisville is on the map.....

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  1. Life sometimes leads us in unexpected ways, doesn't it? Eight years ago, my husband received a sizable promotion that we decided to accept. It led us to northwest Ohio. Although I could not imagine it at that time, it was the best move we ever made (we've moved several times as well). I know that area; definitely different from D.C., but there's plenty of fab treasures there as well. Holding only the best thoughts for you! T.

    1. Hi Tina ~ thank you for the inspiring words and sharing your story! Travels whether vacation, temporary or long moves I know hold adventures...and I love how you used the word 'treasures'! So true. P.S. Really enjoyed watching your video post on art journaling with paint! Thanks for sharing. Super creative.

  2. We moved from Brest/Brittany to Paris, from Paris to Canberra/Australia and back to Paris, from Paris to Frankfurt/Germany and from Frankfurt to Washington DC : it is indeed a real chance to moove ! Think about the people who spend their entire life in the same village... We will miss you a lot... Maybe we can take the Megabus one day... How long is the journey ?

    1. Hi Eliz ~ It is a real chance to move...and I Know the two of you have so many wonderful life experiences because of your travels...as you always say 'Integration'! Its about a 10 hour drive!! So sad...Megabus doesn't go directly to Louisville :(

  3. How exciting! Looking forward to following your new adventures, although I will miss seeing you at Tranquil Space!


    1. Hi! I will miss swing you too!!! I need to make it to one of your classes before I leave. I want my hips to *sparkle* ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, CS! I am so excited for you for this change (although I know change is always a bit scary)! BUT I will MISS knowing you are here in the DC area. If you have a moment of time to spare, I would love to see you/grab coffee before you go. Will email you. Sending you love and good thoughts for this new journey!!

    1. Sweet! Yes we should make time for coffee and I am excited to sponge any tips you have for entering the yoga world from a more full time perspective ;)


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